XIPSET is a technology company specialised in cloud computing solutions based in Valls (Tarragona) and Barcelona.

Through our own tier3+ datacenters located in national territory and guaranteed by the most demanding official certifications in terms of security, operability and performance, we offer cloud services to companies all over the world.

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XIPSET multicloud tecnology on HIGITECH

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XIPSET multicloud tecnology on HIGITECH

HIGITEH is a technological company based on the creation, distribution and application of biological sanitisation products in large organisations and cities. Its main mission is to improve the environment by attacking the root of environmental and biological problems with its own manufactured products, machines and applications.

It is currently expanding globally with offices in Europe, USA, Central America, Middle East and much others to come.


Create from scratch a multi-cloud environment

Unify all telecomunications and software

Tasks Performed:

– Creation of managed multi-cloud environment based on VMware vCloud and Microsoft Azure

– Business continuity planning and disaster recovery policies

– Creation of customised ERP Software based on A3ERP

– Creation of cloud based CRM APP with  Python – Docker – Kubernetes

– Implementation of virtual IP PBX based on Asterisk

– Implementation of virtual Call Center based on Debian

– Creation of IT department

– Training for the whole teams

– Helpdesk and techsupport worldwide

Time for software project: 9 months

Cloud environment project time: Initial project 4 weeks, still growing.

“Expanding globally has been made easier thanks to Xipset's cloud technology and the creation of applications based on our needs and scaling our infrastructure without any cost or risk in Investments has been essential.” Joaquín Vineglas, CEO

With the support and technology of: