XIPSET is a technology company specialised in cloud computing solutions based in Valls (Tarragona) and Barcelona.

Through our own tier3+ datacenters located in national territory and guaranteed by the most demanding official certifications in terms of security, operability and performance, we offer cloud services to companies all over the world.

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Environmental Policy

Our services, 100% committed to the environment

At Xipset we are fully committed to the environment and more now on the path of transition to clean and eco-healthy energy.

Our infrastructure, housed in a center specialized in information technology, is supplied with energy from 100% renewable sources, thus committing ourselves to caring for the environment.

This action adds value to all those who join our project, since they invest and trust in moving towards a fully sustainable future.

What do we achieve with this gesture?

Climate change

We reduce the impact on climate change thanks to the use of renewable energy

Reduction of toxic waste

We avoid the increase in waste generated by chemical plants

European plan support

Collaboration and support for the European Union project to reduce carbon levels in the air and improve quality of life.