XIPSET is a technology company specialised in cloud computing solutions based in Valls (Tarragona) and Barcelona.

Through our own tier3+ datacenters located in national territory and guaranteed by the most demanding official certifications in terms of security, operability and performance, we offer cloud services to companies all over the world.

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Discover VMware Cloud Director

Deliver secure, efficient and elastic cloud resources to thousands of businesses and IT teams around the world with your own virtual data centre. Operate and manage cloud services successfully with VMware Cloud Director and Xipset.

Want to give it a try? We offer you a free 15-day trial to see all the benefits VMWARE CLOUD DIRECTOR can bring to your business.

New free webinar on NextGen and digital kit procurement

The Digital Kit is an initiative of the Spanish Government, which aims to subsidise the implementation of digital solutions available on the market to achieve a significant advance in the level of digital maturity. It is a package of subsidies included in the European NextGen grants prepared for the recovery and resilience of our SMEs. Sign up for our training webinar to find out how to access these grants.

Pymes and Business intelligence

Learn from the data your company generates to bring more intelligence to your business. Through Microsoft Power BI and Azure, create your own business intelligence interface to analyse what’s happening in your business with real data and help you make future decisions.

Professional IT solutions to shape the future of your business

Cloud Solutions

All the most advanced cloud technology applied to your company in an agile, flexible and economical way. Your definitive digital transformation.


A wide range of professional telecommunication solutions that will allow you to gather all your needs in a single supplier.


Unleash the full potential of your team through training designed specifically for your company.

IT Solutions

A high-performance IT department at your company's disposal. Experience, continuous training and dedication so that you can forget about IT.


What would systems be without software? Nothing. At Xipset we use DEVOPS methodology to integrate custom software solutions, ERP software, CRMs, analysis tools, ecommerce, webapps and many others.

New technologies

Focused on the present but also interested in what you can implement in your company in the near future? Come in and find out what innovations you can bring to your organisation.


Why Xipset?

Competition from large multinationals has changed the business models of small, medium and large companies. Customers are increasingly rewarding solutions that are global in scope but specialised to their own needs. For this reason, in order to focus on your customers and the core of your business, you need partners who understand your organisation and who will not let you down. In XIPSET you will find it.

Verified and certified in our data centre by the most important companies in the sector and always in search of excellence and constant improvement.

We live in very complex and volatile times.

Prepare for the future by eliminating complexity with our solutions designed to give you total freedom of choice and get the resilience your business deserves.

With XIPSET you have the gateway to the use of the most cutting-edge technology on the market. Get a team of people at your service trained with the most important and exclusive brands to keep up to date with all the latest technological developments.

Join our more than 130 customers who have chosen XIPSET for their complete migration to the cloud and the more than 3000 projects we have successfully completed to help companies and organisations in their digital transformation.

In XIPSET you will find your global technology partner.

Latest success stories:

HIGITECH is in the process of expanding globally, with the help of VMWARE, AZURE and XIPSET we have created an infrastructure suitable for working internationally. Creating all the virtualised telecommunications and collaborative tools to unite its branches in Andorra, Portugal, Spain, United Arab Emirates and the United States.

TermoWatt is currently one of the leading companies providing industrial solutions and energy solutions in Camp de Tarragona.  A company that offers advanced technology and has invested in a digital transformation based on the virtualisation of systems in the cloud.  They are currently in the process of expanding throughout Catalonia.

EMBUDIDOS VIBER is one of the most important meat processing companies in Catalonia with more than 50 years of experience. Embutidos Viber relies on Xipset for its hybrid cloud computing systems.

Mecanica industrial Meco is a company dedicated to the development of advanced mechanical engineering projects. It has been successfully creating and manufacturing machines for more than 30 years for customers in more than 20 countries around the world. A company that has always given importance to the incorporation of technological advances and has relied on Xipset to virtualise all its physical systems to the cloud as well as to incorporate advanced cloud ERP and CRM management software.


More than 300 companies and organisations already trust us to successfully implement their IT projects worldwide.

Shall we start working? We are ready!

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