XIPSET is a technology company specialised in cloud computing solutions based in Valls (Tarragona) and Barcelona.

Through our own tier3+ datacenters located in national territory and guaranteed by the most demanding official certifications in terms of security, operability and performance, we offer cloud services to companies all over the world.

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IP Telephony – Virtual Switchboards

Telecommunications in the office of the future

Your office wherever you are 

  • IP telephony is the indispensable technology to encourage remote working and to keep up with the high performance of teams and departments in a company. Work with your teams as efficiently as in the office, wherever they are.

Integrate different offices into the same network

  • A local infrastructure can be a global infrastructure. At Xipset we create your virtual switchboard so that you can have your own private telecommunications cloud and unify all your offices, wherever they are in the world, under the same switchboard in the cloud.

Unify all your telecommunications with a single provider

  • Deja de tener varios proveedores para un único servicio. Con Xipset puedes englobar todas tus facturas de mobiles, landlines and fibre in a single bill, reducing costs and simplifying your life at the end of the month.
telefonia ip xipset
Cloud technology

Unify sites and people

Calls from landlines and mobiles


Telefonia ip

Cloud, scalability and software integrations

  • As it is a cloud-hosted technology, you get all the advantages that this entails. Without any investment, you get: a system that is always up to date with all technical advances, control over the entire communication flow between customers, staff and equipment, considerable cost savings compared to traditional operators and at the same time you can eliminate all the inefficient and obsolete hardware of on-premise PBXs. 

And also telephony móvil

  • At Xipset we offer you mobile, landline and fibre optic contracts and plans, adapted to your needs, so that you can include all your bills in a single provider and thus leave behind the Jurassic operators and get the best price and service.
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