XIPSET is a technology company specialised in cloud computing solutions based in Valls (Tarragona) and Barcelona.

Through our own tier3+ datacenters located in national territory and guaranteed by the most demanding official certifications in terms of security, operability and performance, we offer cloud services to companies all over the world.

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The basis of high performance.

Design, creation, implementation of on-premise infrastructures

  • Are you one of those who prefer to keep everything in-house? Fine, but don’t get left behind with your old infrastructure. We help you in all phases of the upgrade or creation process. Structured cabling, fibre optic fusion and creation of telecommunications cabinets, server rooms, data centres, etc.At Xipset, we have a team of certified infrastructure installers, at the level your company deserves.
  • A local infrastructure can be a global infrastructure. At Xipset we create your own data centre so you can have your own private cloud. We are trained and certified by the best manufacturers to create the most complex infrastructures so that you and your teams can work all over the world. In your own cloud, with maximum security and performance.
  • Quality control can never be missing in the most professional and high-level infrastructures. We help you to pass all the certifications and quality controls necessary for your organisation. Testing of cabling, isos, network audits…

Certified with the best manufacturers to create your own data centre based on your premises.


Design, implementation and support of telecommunications infrastructures. Structured cabling, fibre optics, network audits, network hardware, telecommunications cabinets, server rooms...


Your internal communications always operational


Whatever the complexity of what you need, through our partners, we offer advanced hardware to perform specific tasks.

Shall we talk about infrastructure?

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